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Who are we?

Los antonios

We are Jonatan Rodríguez Cavanilles (JonJonn) and Jordi Pastor Capdevila ( tetiki), founders of this musical project.


Jonatan was born in BCN and had the great opportunity to grow within the Protestan Church of BCN. In this congregation, the Catalan Rumba is present, being its greatest exponent Peret, The best representative of this Style worldwide. In 2010, Jonatan was a student of the only course Peret gave at the Liceu in Barcelona and since then he can’t stop playing the guitar.

Jordi P.C was born in BCn. he is the nephew of the historical group Rumba Tres. Therefore, he has had the influence of the Catalan Rumba since he was little.  He studied music at the BCN school “ Escuela de Fusión” (Fusion School) where ha had lyric voice training as Baritone. Jordi also received training at the flamenco school “Joaquin Herrera” in the discipline of flamenco guitar.

Separated we are a drop of water but together we are an ocean of hope/illusion, strength and desire for music and public.

The artistic name of  “Los Antonios” is a lifestyle, a way of being, an influence of the Catalan Rumba and the spanish guitars from our music. It means to be proud of your spanish roots, of every mediterranean tradition of every Autonomous Communities of our country and a way to export our musical, historical and cultural legacy to the rest of the world as Mediterranean Rumba of Barcelona. 


The Antonios want to make known Barcelona, the city where they grew up. It’s a city known all over the world because of its cultural diversity and its history. In that sense one can say that barcelona and the rest of the country didn’t support the music or the arts sector these last years and it’s because of that we want to facilitate the brand “The antonios” with the technologies to everyone. 

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Feel the taste of the rumba

The best way to celebrate any type of event is with us. From the traditional rumba standards songs to songs played on our own style so you can’t stop dancing and smiling.

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